Adobe Spark Pages Q/A

  • What new understandings or questions do you have working in Adobe Spark Page? Well from what I have experienced using the Adobe Spark Page application, it was made apparent to me that it is a great tool to use when trying to make a nice and visual layout for any type of project that comes to mind. It could be used as a platform for a classroom presentation or as simple as creating a fun way to express yourself. One question that I had going into it is how do the pages transition from one another. I quickly found out that it is all located on one single page and that it does not act as though it were to be a power point presentation.
  • What applications did you use to edit photos?                                                                               The application I used to edit the collages was Canva. I find Canva to be the easiest and most useful way of creating a collage. It only takes a small bit of your time to upload images or even create your own images to make your work look great. It gives you a selection of options ranging from background, text, or even make your own image. Favorite application thus far.

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