8 Things About Me For You All To See


Love every type of sport out there: Growing up, I was always surrounded by people who were all about talking, living, and breathing sports. It kind of was a life style choice that I made but even if I didn’t, I would still probably be engulfed by it and choose to love it all anyways.

College Athlete: When I was young, I was put in to a swimming school by my father. and for 15 years now I’ve been practicing and competing at a high level. Being a college athlete is fun but it does come with some cons. Sleep deprivation being one of the main ones.

National Team Member: I was 16 when I was selected to join the Montenegrin junior national team. When I turned 18, I joined their national team and have competed for them around the world.


Traveler: Due to my involvement in the sport of swimming I have had the privilege of seeing the world (or most of it for that matter). I have been to China, Finland, Turkey, Austria, Croatia, etc. Truly an amazing experience everywhere I went.

Family: I am one of two siblings, the other being my older sister Anela. She’s married and no longer living with me, my father Mark and my mother Hannah. My parents and I do however go visit her on the weekends and we have a great time together without fail.


Eye for the fancy: One of my tastes that not everyone has is for the high life. Nice cars, houses, jewelry, watches, clothing, etc. I do come from humble beginnings but do like to have the things that are considered hard to get in society today.

Real Estate agent: I have recently started working for Elite Connect real estate group in Brooklyn, NY. A job I thoroughly enjoy and should considering my schedule is so tight with time.



Love to read novel series’: I have a passion for reading any series’ out there. Whether it be Harry potter, artemis fowl, Game of Thrones, a Series of Unfortunate Events, etc. They all bring me out of the real world and put me into the story itself. An escape at times but yes I do enjoy an escape from time to time.




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